The report shows MOS of different commodities as map markers on a Google Map as well as a corresponding table with data. The report has the following filter criteria –
A. Month: Select a month
B. Year: Select a year
C. Region: ‘All’ or specific region of Swaziland
D. Product Group: Select a product group
E. Facility Level: Select any of the facility levels
F. Product: Select any of the ‘Tracer Products’ from the list

The report has the following fields –
A. Health Facility: Name of the health facility
B. Balance: Closing balance of the selected product in the health facility
C. AMC: Average Monthly Consumption of the product at the health facility (calculated as last 3 months dispensed quantity divided by 3)
D. MOS: Month of stock calculated as Balance divided by AMC (Column C/D)